Different types of massages


Classical massage

Discover the best mobile classic massage in Tallinn! Classic massage is based on Swedish massage techniques and uses special oil. This versatile massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, accelerates metabolism, and relieves head and muscle pains. I bring a relaxing classic massage experience directly to your home. Enjoy health benefits, strengthen your resilience, and relax with mobile classic massage in Tallinn.

Partial massage - 25 minutes
Partial massage - 40 minutes
Full body massage - 60 minutes
Combined massage

Combined massage harmoniously combines various massage types, including classic, sports, and Chinese Gua Sha therapeutic massage. This unique massage method not only enhances the body's resistance to diseases but also provides deep relaxation for both mental and physical stress. I bring this relaxing experience conveniently to your home. Experience high-quality mobile combined massage in Tallinn and enjoy health and well-being right where you are!

Combined massage- 80 minutes